As we start off to program artificial intelligence, which will obviously in the in the vicinity of future surpass human intelligence it is remarkable what some individuals are not knowing. We are instructing and programming synthetic intelligence application packages to imagine logically and systematically.

We set these programs and all types of robotic add-ons from unmanned aerial automobiles to personal computers, which enable us make choices. We instruct them to be rational and to make their selections dependent on the input coming in from sensors. The synthetic intelligence plans pick the finest and most reasonable answer to a difficulty virtually by stereotyping, observing and employing percentages, profiling and most probable guesses dependent on the enter.

Now then, via social engineering, socialism and liberalism we are training humans and programming our young to disregard stereotypes and prejudices. Just isn’t it exciting that when we would like to conduct a process that has to be right the biggest proportion of the time to protect the men and women it is to serve that we will use an artificially clever equipment, which thinks counter to the way that we are social engineering and our human societies?

It seems to me that this points to a problem with liberalism, socialism and the Democratic viewpoint. Does this indicate that liberalism is a lie and we have to infect pcs with artificial intelligence to demonstrate it to us? Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, as it is just an observation. Think about this in 2006.