Computers definitely cannot be your best friend. This might sound odd as in this tech savvy world, most consider either their computers or their cell phones closest to them. I do not want to say that a computer is not needed. The reason behind the analogy that I drew between a computer and a best friend is because you cannot predict your computer like your best friends. Computers are unpredictable as you never know what might go wrong. For proper functioning of your computer or to be more precise the computer programs, you need to keep removing unwanted items from your computer. These unwanted items get stacked in your PC and eventually starts disrupting your computer’s functioning.

Windows has various programs that will enable you to keep your computer free of these redundant items and ensures that your PC runs smoothly. Following is a discussion of some of these cleanup programs. Windows operating system has designed registry cleanup software for itself. The main purpose of this software is to remove all the unwanted and redundant items from the Windows registry. This will automatically improve the performance of the computers by ridding it of superfluous information. Since manually cleaning up invalid entries would be impractical, hence registry cleanups function as essential tools that help in looking for invalid entries and finally resolve them.

Registry checker is another important tool of Windows that scans the system registry for invalid entries and empty data blocks when it gets started. If it detects invalid entries, then the registry checker automatically restores a previous day’s backup. It functions once daily.

You can also use registry utilities and secure your computers from sudden freezes. Registry utilities thoroughly scan your computers by providing an error list along with detailed descriptions and recommended fixes. After that you will just be few clicks away from repairing registry errors and eliminating PC crashes and freezes.

There are various confusions and myths regarding what regedit cleaners are and what they are meant to do. It is actually the name of registry editor that is installed on Windows operating system systems. Operating it is tantamount to manually manipulating the Windows registry and it might be precarious to the functioning of your PC. In all probability there is no such program as it is just a name of a Windows application. Even though a program can claim itself to be a regedit cleaner, but it is a built-in registry editor on Windows computers.

Reg cleaner is a very useful and a user friendly program. With the help of this program you can easily get rid of all those old and obsolete registry entries created by any software that you have destroyed or removed eons back. Reg cleaner provides you with a list of software registered in the registry and by going through the check boxes you select which software you don’t have anymore. Then automatically it will remove all registry created by those programs.

So from now onwards do not be so carefree and laid back about your PC. Be sure not to stack unwanted items from your computer and unburden it. Give it the best treatment in order to get the best out of it.