A very popular welding certification exam for boilermakers is a 2 inch plan 120 tube welded in a 6G place applying Tig for the root and next go, and adhere welding for the filler passes and address passes.

Sound Easy? If you imagine it is very simple, you are completely wrong.

A 2″ pipe performed in a 6G placement indicates that the pipe is put with the axis of the pipe managing 45 levels from parallel. Once the test begins, it cannot be rolled, raised, or decreased.

That indicates you have to be ready to place oneself in a way that allows you to go as you weld to move from the base, up the facet, and to the best. That sometimes usually means commencing out in the kneeling position, relocating to a halfway standing bent about position, and then standing. All even though making an attempt to maintain a consistent arc size whilst relocating at a constant even pace. This is the sort of welding that separates the adult males from the boys.

Whoever picked the 6g posture for welding certification checks was possibly entirely incompetent or an evil genius.

6G welding certification tests for boilermakers are used simply because they check the welders talent and since a 6g weld exam qualifies for all other positions.

Its impractical to check a welder in the field executing the precise work that will be completed at the time the welder is qualified.

The 6G examination is normally viewed as the ideal way to cull the not so good welders and hire the ideal ones.

(whilst a 2G alongside with a 5G may possibly be superior)

A further reason 2 inch pipe is made use of for a weld take a look at is that boiler tubes are often the similar diameter as the exam and they are also usually welded even though set up and subsequent to other boiler tubes. Welding a 2 inch tube is tough sufficient with nothing at all in your way. Set one more boiler tube just inches away on every side and the weld is a great deal more challenging to do.

Screening making use of a 6G exam offers some indication that a welder can weld from the two sides of a joint.

I took a 6g check when and then welded a entire bunch of 2g and 5g tube joints in a fab shop. Under no circumstances did a 6G for the complete calendar year I labored there. So in my scenario, a 2g and a 5g exam would have been far more consultant of the get the job done completed.