Filament Cutter Uses Unusual (But Effective) 3D-Printed Spring Design

When 1 needs a spring, a 3D-printed model is maybe not one’s to start with option. It may well even be honest to say that printed springs are a thing one particular ends up building, fairly than something a single sets out to use. That may well change at the time you try out the spring structure in [the_ress]’s 3D-printed filament cutter with printed springs.

The filament cutter functions like this: filament is inserted into the machine through a single of the pairs of holes at the base. To slice the filment, just one presses down on the plunger. This pushes a blade down to neatly cut the filament at an angle. The cutter is the device’s only non-printed part a single segment from an 18 mm utility knife blade.

The springs are of individual fascination, and really don’t glimpse rather like a usual spring. They consider their structure from this compliant linear motion mechanism documented on, and resemble minor parallel 4-bar linkages. These springs have minimal travel, but are surely springy plenty of for the work they need to have to do, and that’s the essential aspect.

Want a more conventional coiled spring? Annealing filament wound all over a mandrel can produce handy results, and do not fail to remember the excellent mechanisms recognized as flexures they have distinct similarities to the springs [the_ress] applied. You can see her style and design in motion in the shorter movie, embedded beneath.