Spotify might launch a $20 'Platinum' plan with HiFi streaming

Past February, Spotify introduced that “music in CD-top quality, lossless audio format” would be coming to the audio streaming platform. We have been waiting for Spotify HiFi at any time because, and there were lastly some signs of existence this week. In accordance to one particular person that lately canceled Spotify Top quality to switch to Apple Music (via 9to5Mac), the service sent him a survey that outlined a new, unannounced membership tier dubbed “Platinum.”

Here’s what 9to5Mac reader Drew told the website about the study he received:

The study shared with me specifics of Spotify’s forthcoming subscription tiers offered and asked if I would swap back “in the subsequent 30 days” for one of these capabilities.

Spotify mentioned a few strategies on the study: Absolutely free, Individual, and Platinum. Spotify says that the Platinum approach has every thing the Personal approach gives, as well as HiFi, Studio Audio, Headphone Tuner, Audio Insights, Library Pro, Playlist Professional, and minimal-ad Spotify podcasts.

The study demonstrates that the prepare will price $19.99 — double the cost of the Individual prepare. To set that into point of view, Apple introduced Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio to Apple Music at no more price in Could 2021. An individual Apple New music prepare also expenditures $9.99.

Lossless audio on your own is not going to encourage a lot of customers to shell out 2 times as a lot on Spotify. The enterprise is clearly banking on the other added benefits of the Platinum strategy drawing in songs fans. That said, we don’t know what those people perks are. We could get some educated guesses, but there is no mention of Library Pro, Playlist Professional, or Stereo Sound any place on the Spotify web page. Therefore, we have no idea if they are worth $20 a thirty day period.

Provided the language of the study, we could possibly not have to wait around prolonged to discover out. Spotify appeared to propose that the Platinum tier would be offered in just the next 30 times. Nonetheless, it is just a study, and there’s a opportunity we’ll never see any of these attributes.

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