Some of you reading this are about to consider your very first TIG welding certification examination in the aerospace industry. Maybe you are transitioning from one more industry like pipe welding where by you welded stainless and carbon metal pipe, or foodstuff service the place you welded stainless steel sheet metal. Possibly way, permit me explain to you a several tips that might help you get completely ready:

Everything is thinner and smaller. The tig torch, electrode, filler wire, and quite possibly even the tig welding equipment will be scaled-down than you are accustomed to. In pipe welding for case in point, a 1/8 inch rod is regarded as the big tig welding rod. In Aerospace tig welding, a 1/16 inch rod is major.

Every little thing desires to be cleaned improved. All joints are typically x-rayed in an aerospace tig welding certification take a look at. Metals like titanium, aluminum, and magnesium are vulnerable to porosity. Remember the 3 C’s …thoroughly clean, clean, thoroughly clean. Primarily essential is submitting the sheared edge of metal that will be welded. That sheared edge appears fairly clean up but it is a trap for oil and corrosion goods. File it and when you believe you have submitted it ample, file some much more.  

Every thing tends to make a variance. Minimal matters like the sizing of your tack welds, how you place the examination plates in the fixture, how substantially circulation price is utilized on the purge fuel, angle of torch, angle of filler metallic rod, what form of abrasive you use to clean up the metal, how pure the argon or other shielding gasoline is…you get the photograph.  Like my previous coach utilized to convey to me…practically nothing is fair, but all the things  matters.  

Anything requires to be shielded greater. The hot suggestion of the filler rod will set oxides in your puddle. You can get away with a minimal of that in pipe welding stainless and mild steel, but it will destroy you when welding anything like .020″ 15-7 precipitation hardening stainless or .032″ inconel 718. To preserve the conclude of the rod correctly shielded , use a tig cup that is at the very least 3/4 inch id. With a diffuser that provides a nice comfortable blanket of argon shielding to the puddle. ..and you need to examination it on a scrap piece of titanium to make positive it is working in advance of lights up on your tig welding certification plates.  

3 more recommendations for passing an aerospace tig welding exam…

  1. About 1 amp for every 1 thousands of thickness welded will get you in the ball park. Established the tig welding machine amperage appropriately in addition about 10 far more amps just in case and use the foot pedal to modify. This will maintain you out of hassle by limiting your amperage. commonly a bead width of 4 periods the thickness welded will get the penetration essential for butt welds.
  2. Use the smallest electrode that will get the work completed.  And sharpen it really very good with scratches operating lengthwise. very long tapered will work far better for actually slender (.020″) and less of a taper is improved for thicker welds
  3. Use the smallest filler wire that will operate with obtaining to feed far too considerably. Much too big a tig welding rod will attract as well considerably heat out of the puddle and will lead to you to use more amperage than is essential . Also modest a filler wire will trigger you to feed too considerably and you cant continue to keep up.